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Yorkshire Coast

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A personal view of the Yorkshire coast and more from a local who loves the Yorkshire coast

The Yorkshire Coast has always been popular for the traditional seaside holiday. There  are four major holiday resorts on the Yorkshire Coast with the best beaches: Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington. The best way to have a good time is to stay in a Yorkshire Coast holiday cottage on the seafront by a sandy beach.
This website should help you choose the Yorkshire Coast resort most suitable for you and help you make the most of the Yorkshire Coast near you. It will tell you Which Yorkshire Coast resorts have most facilities and which are most photegenic and where the best Yorkshire coast beaches are. There are also links to good websites giving useful information about the Yorkshire Coast

The Yorkshire Coast North of Bridlington is very attractive, often with high cliffs either side of bays with wonderful sandy beaches. The cliffs around Flamborough are spectacularly white and  rise 300ft high vertically from the sea, while those near Ravenscar are nearly 600ft high but not quite vertical. There are access points all along the Yorkshire Coast sometimes down steep cliffs to stony beaches and rocky shorelines. The Yorkshire Coast south of Bridlington is one unbroken beach backed by boulder clay cliffs for over 30 miles. This stretch of coast has the highest rate of erosion in Britain. The quality of the beach is variable south of Bridlington but they tend to be coarse and stony.

Yorkshire Coast Filey beach
Filey Beach looking North from Bridge Hole

Yorkshire Coast Flamborough Head Stack
Flamborough Head east of North Landing

The largest and best quality sandy beaches on the Yorkshire Coast starting from the north are Whitby, Scarborough Filey and Bridlington which is why they are the 4 major resorts. Filey and Bridlington have the largest and most protected sandy beaches on the Yorkshire coast.
Yorkshire Coast Jet Fossils and
Amber, belamnite and urchin fossils and jet

It is about knowing where to look for seals, where to go fishing on the Yorkshire coast, understanding where to find jet, fossils and even amber, where good rock pools and small beaches are.  The Yorkshire Coast is an excellent place to enjoy free activities like walking, viewing the wildlife, fishing, collecting fossils and beachcombing.
Yorkshire Coast wildlife
Razor Bills at Bempton, Filey lifeboat, angling at Flamborough and a young seal at Hornsea

Best beach

All these 4 have good beaches by any standard with at least a part covered by lifeguards. Others may well put them in a different order.
Bridlington beaches
Best quality sand. Very sheltered from surf (surfers never come to Bridlington). Bridlington South Beach is  a huge expanse and quite a bit is above normal high water which is regularly machine cleaned. There are even volley ball nets put up.  Bridlington South Beach extends for miles. Bridlington North Beach rarely seems crowded. The North beach gets increasingly stony as you go towards Sewerby steps where the rocky shore starts.
Filey beach
Filey has good quality sand and fairly sheltered water especially on the beach near Filey Brigg. There is a large expanse of sand which just gets covered (and cleaned) by the sea at high water. Not normally crowded unless near high water. In the right sea conditions Filey Bay can be used for surfing
Scarborough beaches
Good quality sand but not a huge  area considering the number of holiday makers. Quite a bit of the South bay is above normal high water and is cleaned. Sections can seem crowded at times. In the right sea conditions both Scarborough beaches can be used for surfing
Whitby beach
Good quality sand but not much left at high water and can be exposed to Northerly surf. Good for surfers. Not normally crowded except near high water. The beach as you go towards Sandsend gets coarser. With the right sea conditions it can be spectacularly rough. Unlike the other resorts Whitby beach has no shelter at all from a Northerly sea.

Most photogenic

The narrow valley of the River Esk with the houses tumbling down its sides (sometimes literally)  forms an impressive backdrop to all your photos. Whitby harbour with its boats as well as the sweeping curve of Whitby's breakwaters add interest. Whitby Abbey and St Marys  Church atop the East Cliff and the Edwardian Hotels and whalebones atop the West cliff  add further interest  to the skyline. There is also the narrow and irregular old streets and buildings. It is no accident that Sutcliffe's photos have become world famous.
Edwardian splendour along the cliff top, Filey coble landing and  the sands stretching out to Filey Brig on one side and Flamborough head on the other.
The castle on the cliff top in the middle of the town and the harbour
The harbour , the sweeping curve of the bay and the white Flamborough cliffs

Most facilities and attractions

Scarborough The largest resort by far with several theatres, many amusement arcades and attractions catering for visitors. Almost a city feel to the shopping area. Boat trips from the harbour. Donkeys on the beach and loads of fish and chip shops and ice cream stalls. Interesting Rotunda museum. Peasholm Park, the North Bay railway and the open air theatre.
The largest and most impressive theatre in the region and the largest outdoor funfair area on the coast. Boat trips , angling trips and occasionally trips round Flamborough head to see Bempton cliffs arguably the most worthwhile boat trip on the coast.
Whitby Many attractions around the maritime history of the area and its Dracula connections. A few childrens rides and amusement arcades. A small theatre. Different boat and steam bus rides. narrow cobbled streets with Art Galleries and jet shops in the old parts under the Abbey. Good local museum.
Only one amusement arcade. A smaller resort than the others but there are childrens rides and donkeys on the beach and all the usual seafront eateries and gift shops, just nowhere near so many of them as any of the other three. Many who go to Filey see this as a plus.