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Bridlington (Population 37,000) is the second largest town on the Yorkshire coast although Bridlington is still much smaller than Scarborough. Bridlington is the largest shell fish port in Europe and has a thriving fishing fleet. Bridlington is centred on the Harbour with good beaches to the North and South. It may not be as prosperous as the other three or quite as attractive but without doubt it has one of the best beaches and is less hilly as the cliffs are lower.

Bridlington Bay is the the only large body of sheltered water on the Yorkshire coast. It is  sheltered from Northerly seas by Flamborough Head and  Smithic Sands lies across the mouth of Bridlington Bay protecting it from the worst of the easterly gales as well. This all makes Bridlington an excellent place for boat trips into calm water and makes Bridlington's long sandy beaches probably the safest on the Yorkshire coast and they are so extensive they rarely seem crowded. Bridlington has a fairly large funfair with rides for all ages including old favourites like dodgems just to the North of Bridlington harbour. Bridlington is also the closest seaside resort to Flamborough Head with its stunning white cliffs and small coves which are worth a visit wherever you stay on the Yorkshire Coast.


Bridlington South beach
                      looking North
Looking towards Bridlington harbour and Flamborough head
Bridlington South Beach
                      looking South
Looking South. You can walk over 30 miles to Spurn Point if the tide is out
The  cliffs at Bridlington are low so getting around is easy with no big hills. There is also a land train which runs along the seafront

The largest area of good sand is to the South of Bridlington Harbour. There are many places where there is still sand at high water and this is cleaned daily. You can see the high water mark on small tides on these photos leaving a lot of Bridlington beach still available.  There is also a fairly large shallow paddling pool which does get warmer than the sea. This central part of Bridlington South Beach is arguably the nicest place for a day on the beach. All the facilities are close by.
The East riding Council page has details of all facilities on Bridlingtons seafront including Beach Chalet hire
Bridlington Paddling Pool
The South beach promenade has an excellent paddling pool
All of Bridlington beach both North and South of the harbour has little current and the sea is usually very calm due to the very sheltered nature of Bridlington Bay.
Bridlington Spa above the South Beach
Bridlington Spa is on the seafront and thanks to a major rebuild a few years ago is not only the biggest theatre but also the swankiest on the coast. Bridlington Spa also has an excellent coffee shop overlooking the sea and some of the best scones around. Visit  Bridlington Spa's website to see what is on
Bridlington North Beach
                      from Sewerby
Looking back towards Bridlington from Sewerby Clliffs



To the North of Bridlington you can walk along the beach (or cliff top)  to the the low  chalk cliffs of Sewerby and then on to Flamborough head proper. It is possible to walk all the way around the cliff top of Flamborough to Filey. Bridlington  beach gets increasingly stony as you leave Bridlington harbour and head North.

Bridlington North Beach looking towards
                      Sewerby Sewerby
Looking North from Kiddies corner towards Sewerby at High water. Kiddies corner is where all the rides are.
Bridlington North Beach looking towards the
There is good sand just to the North of the harbour although it is covered at High water.
The area just to the North of Bridlington harbour has nice sand but does get covered as the tide comes in. You are also close to the funfair and the harbour attractions here.

As you go further North the beach gets increasingly stony with attractive white chalk stones and does not get particularly busy. At low water there is nice sand.
                      North Beach near Trinity Cut
The beach to the North of the harbour eventually gives way to a chalk shingly beeach
Bridlington Danes Dyke
                      looking towards Flamborough Head
Danes Dyke cliff top looking to Flamborough Head

There is a good footpath all the way to Sewerby park as it climbs slowly onto the chalk of Flamborough Head. It then follows the cliff top on the grass. You can continue as far as you like and the next spots you come to on the cliff top are Danes Dyke and then South Landing, Both Danes Dyke and South landing usually have nice small beaches when the tide is out as well as rocks to hunt for crabs etc.

Sewerby Park

Sewerby Hall
Sewerby Hall and gardens is one of the best attractions in Bridlington after the harbour and beaches

Sewerby Hall has attractive informal gardens and park land overlooking Bridlington Bay. You can have a long walk up from Bridlington or get on the land train or of course take your car.
                      Sewerby Hall
Sewerby hall and Orangery
                      Sewerby Hall walled gardens
Sewerby Hall walled garden

Sewerby Hall has a very attractive walled garden which is a blaze of colour for much of the year

There are a lot of simple attractions inside Sewerby Park; a play park, popular pitch and putt golf, mini zoo, puttng green, outdoor table tennis and a very nice cafe. Sewerby Hall itself has been refurbished. Sewerby Park was used in October 2014 for the filming of the new Dads army Film starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Sarah Lancashire, Bill Nighy and Michael Gambon. Sewerby Park is still probably the cheapest stately home and gardens package in the county. 
                      Sewerby Park Table Tennis
Sewerby hall outdoor table tennis
Sewerby park has all sorts of events and you should go to their website if planning a visit

Bridlington harbour and funfair

  Bridlington Seafront Funfair
Bridlington seafront Funfair
  Bridlington seafront  funfair has lots of rides both for the very young and more scary rides too. Although it would not claim to rival the big theme parks, none of the other Yorkshire coast resorts have anything approaching it in scale. On the seafront above the park there are lots of amusements, bowling alley and  cinema . The swimming pool and leisure centre have been flattened before a rebuild.

  Many people go fishing off Bridlington's South Pier. It is a very easy place to fish onto the sandy beach. Flounders, dabs and occasionally mackerel and bass are caught. Many visitors enjoy a stroll along it. It is in fact a designated Ancient monument
Bridlington South Pier
 Bridlington Harbour
Bridlington harbour and the Yorkshire Belle

 Bridlington harbour is at the centre of the seafront and has various sea trips you can go on including the stately Yorkshire Belle, speed boats and a pirate ship. There are also angling trips. Bridlington bay is invariably the calmest place on the coast so a good place for that trip out to sea. This Youtube video shows both the pirate ship and speedboats

The Bridlington fishing fleet lands its catch of crabs and lobsters on the end of the South Pier. There is a balcony above the landing area so visitors can safely watch the unloading.
Bridlington Fishing Fleet
The Bridlington fleet and the balcony above the landing area

 On the beach. WiFi. Seaviews. Well equipped including ensuite master bedrooms with kingsize beds.

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