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Fraisthorpe Pill Box

Fraisthorpe beach

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Fraisthorpe is a stretch of beach to the South of Bridlington. Fraisthorpe used to be a deserted beach but over the years has become more popular. It is reached by a single track road zig zagging across the fields.  There is a large cliff top car park and toilets. At busier times there is a food/ice cream van.  Fraisthorpe beach  still has some protection from Flamborough head and Smithic sands but there is more surf here than in Bridlington. It also occasionally has wash ups. Piles of weed containing all sorts washed up on the beach. It can go a few years without  a decent one but when there is a good one people descend from all over particularly looking for bait,  especially worms and razor fish washed from their burrows by South Easterly gales. It also has a lot of second world war concrete defenses. The beach seems to go on for ever in both directions and is great for long walks.

Very low cliffs give access to the beach where there is a small stream flowing across the beach

Fraisthorpe Stream
Fraisthorpe Tank Defences
Fraisthorpe Cliffs are eroding South of here

South of Fraisthorpe the cliffs are eroding but North of Fraisthorpe the cliffs are protected by a narrow band of  dunes and Maram Grass and have not eroded for over 40 years. In fact there is more dry land here now. This row of antitank blocks is the changeover point for erosion winning

When Fraisthorpe was much quieter it used to be popular with naturists. They usually went to Earls Dyke (a drainage channel) which is about a 1 mile walk to the South.

   Fraisthorpe Naturist

Don't take your clothes off!

Wind Surfers at Friasthorpe

Fraisthorpe beach is popular with wind surfers , kite boarders and kite skating. the beach is huge and as the cliffs are so low they get a real strong steady breeze. The beach is also at right angles to the prevailing SW wind. Fun to watch.

The beach to the south of Fraisthorpe is increasingly stony and subject to quite rapid erosion. The block house at the top left of this photo would have originally been on the cliff top in 1940. Over 100m of land has disappeared

Fraisthorpe Looking South
Fraisthorpe looking South
Fraisthorpe Block House
Block House on the beach

The position of this block house shows erosion is much slower just to the north of Fraisthorpe and of course if you look a few hundred yards further North still  you will see a pill box on top of the cliff showing no erosion here.