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Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay

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Runswick bay

Runswick bay is a small village on the cliffs north of Sandsend and Whitby.  There is an RBRB  rescue boat in the old RNLI lifeboat house. This charity was founded in 1982 after the RNLI moved to near bye Staithes. Runswick has a sandy beach in a bay  and there is a small pay and display car park near the beach which does get full on busy days. Runswick was a fishing village and there are still a few small fishing boats parked near the beach but they are not commercial boats. There are one or two places where you can eat. Runswick Bay is famous for its fossils particularly ammonites. Many of the cottages perched on the cliff side are second homes so the place can be very quiet at times. The beach at Runswick Bay is quite long but much of it is quite coarse and stony

There are various small streams running across the beach and to the North only rocks and unstable cliffs.

Looking North to Runswick Bay
Runswick Bay looking east
South of Runswick Bay

South of Runswick Bay the beach runs for about half a mile before giving way to a rocky shoreline and rocky cliffs.


The cliffs to the north of Runswick are very unstable and you can hear and see stones falling almost continuously down the cliff. There are fossils in the rocks on the shoreline and amongst the pebbles. Do not go close to these cliffs . It is dangerous! You can also get cut off by the tide.

Runswick Bay Cliffs

Strange marks in the rock
                              at Runswick

There are all sorts of strange marks in the bed rock with most being recognizable fossils but what on earth are these. Fossilised worm holes?

Although no expert I am pretty sure this is part of a large ammonite still in the bedrock at Runswick bay
                      ammonite at Runswick Bay

Fishing boats at Runswick

There is a small boat park near the car park with small fishing boats launched off the beach. They are used for pleasure fishing including putting a few crab pots in. This particular boat caught my interest as I used to own it many years ago. It was lovely to see it again and to know it was still being used.