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Scarborough Seafront


Scarborough  population (Popn. 60,000)  is the largest town anywhere in the area. Scarborough has a bustling character and can get extremely busy at times with almost a small city feel with summer traffic and hold ups. Scarborough has more and larger everything in terms of facilities and attractions from amusements and night clubs to the Yorkshire Coast's only 24hr A and E. Scarborough has  two bays separated by Scarborough Castle sat on its rocky promontory sheltering the harbour.
The two bays in Scarborough are connected by a road near sea level going around the promontory. This does get closed in very rough seas. Scarborough's South Bay is more sheltered and busier than the North Bay.
Scarborough harbour was until recently a very busy fishing port but the number of full time fisherman has plummeted. Scarborough’s South Bay sea front is extensive with many amusement arcades and ice cream shops as well as a small funfair with rides near the harbour. The North Bay has different attractions and is quieter and less crowded.

Scarborough seafront

The South Cliff area has some large grand houses and hotels while the cliffs are threaded by paths through the trees. Below on the seafront is Scarborough Spa and it can be reached from the cliff top by a lift. All sorts of events are put on here .
Scarborough South Cliff
The Crown Hotel
Scarborough Soth Bay Beach
Scarborough South Beach
Moving North we then come to The Valley road and then onto the seafront proper. There is no real sea wall between the South bay beach and the road and shops. Some of the beach is above normal high water and is cleaned regularly. In winter gales the sea can flood across the road when tides are large. Nowhere on the coast has so many amusements and  facilities so close to the actual beach.
Scarborough harbour
Scarborugh harbour
Heading North you then come to Scarborough harbour which is again backed by mainly eating places and gift shops. There are various boat trips including speedboat rides and at times trips to see the seals beyond Cayton Bay

The small funfair is in the corner of the harbour.
Scarborough Funfair
Scarborough fun fair

Marine Drive and North Bay

 The marine Drive connects the South bay to the North bay for cars and pedestrians but it is a long walk. It used to be popular with anglers but the rock armour has made it a difficult if not impossible place to fish now. It does get closed in rough seas.

Scarborough Marine Drive
The Marine Drive
Scarborough North Bay
Scarborough North Bay from the Marine Drive
                      North Bay Looking North
Scarborough North Bay looking North
                      North Bay Looking South
Scarborough North Bay looking South
Scarborough's North bay tends to be quieter than the South bay. The beach has patches of rocks in places and is popular with surfers as it can get rough. Near high water there is very little beach if any. There are no amusement arcades. A hundred yards inland  is attractive Peasholm Park with its  boats for hire and its re-enactment of a naval battle. It is quite highly rated  on Trip Advisor.
There is also the North Bay Railway, always a hit with young children which goes to Scalby where the Sea Life Centre is. The station is at the entrance to the recently refurbished Open Air Theatre which hosts all sorts of events. So quite a concentration of good attractions.