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Staithes Harbour

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Staithes is very like Robin Hoods Bay and Runswick bay with its narrow streets and alleyways hanging onto the cliffside either side of a small river. The car park is at the top of the cliffs like Robin hoods bay with a walk down to the old village. It only has a tiny beach which is actually inside the harbour walls. Again it is famous for its fossils particularly ammonites

Staithes harbour and beach
Staithes harbour and Beach

The seafront is dominated by a small harbour with a small beach at the back of it.

Walking South east from Staithes is easy across flat scars. Just make sure you are not going to get cut off if the tide is coming in
Rocky Scars
                      at Staithes
The flat rocky scars to the south east of Staithes
Evidence of old industries
                      in Staithes
Tracks on the scars near Staithes

There is evidence of the old mining industries in Staithes including these marks in the rocks where some sort of railway sleepers used to be

There are fossils everywhere in the bedrock and some good examples of ammonites in gray nodules that can be found amongst the stones near the cliffs
Fossils in the bed rock at
Fossils in the bedrock at Staithes