7 tips to find your dream Yorkshire Coast Holiday Cottage and save money.

Bridlington Fishing Fleet as the sun sets on the Yorkshire coast

1. Use an exact search to find the best cottages

The Yorkshire Coast Holiday Cottages with the most repeat guests are usually the best and they are often not on the big online travel agencies. Do you want to know how to find them?? Maybe not even use Google???

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2. Book direct

On line booking agencies dominate most searches for holiday accommodation on Google but they do not have all the cottages and are rarely the cheapest way to book a cottage. How do you contact the owners direct if you see a good Yorkshire coast holiday cottage on an agency site??

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3. Think carefully about what you want and beware of advertising hype.

Advertisers are clever people and will seduce you with pictures of children enjoying themselves, bottles of wine, sunsets etc.

Instead of being sucked in remember what you are looking for and stick to the features you want.

Are they really near the beach????

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4. Use a Bing local search

Search for the name of a coastal town and the words self catering (eg Filey self catering ) using the Bing search engine (NOT GOOGLE). Below the top few Ads you will be presented with a box with a map and a few selected accommodation providers in that area. Google used to be good for this but now its “selected” accommodation tends to only include that accommodation which is also on the big on line travel agencies. Google usually leave out those really popular accomodations on the map and in the local list hat do not pay the big online agencies for bookings. I think they deem them as less relevant?

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5. Use Google street view

This lets you stand outside the cottage and view the surroundings to see if you would feel comfortable there. What is it really like?

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6. Choose your week carefully

Prices for a week in a Yorkshire coast holiday cottage vary enormously depending on the week you choose. Do you want to save 70% or more?

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7. Read reviews but…..

Many reviews are fake so are they really worth reading?

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I hope this guide helps you to find your perfect holiday cottage on the Yorkshire coast. If you want to know more about the difference resorts then do go to our best resorts page