Holiday cottages

When going on holiday we always book a self catering cottage. I part own and run a self catering cottage on the Yorkshire coast. This gives me a perspective from the hirer and the guest side of things.

I have made this website to help people who wish to book direct with owners rather than going through third party travel agencies and point out the advantages of doing so. I also want people to enjoy the simple pleasures on the coast which maybe are not so extensively advertised and do not cost anything.

There are also links to our holiday cottage which is in a unique position on the Yorkshire coast and does offer good value.


I have lived on the Yorkshire coast nearly all my life and am descended from a fishing family. A major interest has been fishing off the shore and in boats. I have dabbled in most forms of fishing and angling . I have seen how the fisheries have changed quite dramatically over the years with some improving a lot while others have declined a lot. I have my own fishing boat and have had one for over 35 years.

I have seen many whales and dolphins. I have caught all sorts from cod and ling off the wrecks to flatties and thornback rays off the sand and bass from secret places. I have seen the massive increase in the number of seals and had them steal fish off my hook on a number of occasions. Things do change a lot.

Beachcombing and fossils

There nothing I enjoy more than a walk on the beach after a gale to see what has been washed up. I cannot resist picking up fossils I find and wondering about life as it was millions of years ago

I hope you enjoy this website and find some useful information. If you do please let your friends know and share this site on facebook or wherever.