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Fraisthorpe beach

Fraisthorpe is a stretch of beach to the South of Bridlington. Fraisthorpe used to be a deserted beach but over the years has become more popular since the farmer made a car park.  The beach seems to go on for ever in both directions and is great for long walks.

How do you get there

You have to turn off the main A165 road a few miles South of Brdilington. It is signposted with a brown attraction sign with a sandcastle. It is reached by a single track road zig zagging across the fields. There are a few passing places. There is no hedge for quite a lot of the road so it feels like you are driving through the farmers crops. You are also very near some wind turbines which are quite spectacular.


There is a very large cliff top car park and a toilet block at the farm. You do have to pay for parking but it is not as expensive as the resort car parking and you are very close to the beach. The cliffs are very low almost non existent in places so access to the beach is easy.


There is also a new cafe, the cow shed, which is very nice. It is open almost all year but do check times on their website. It has a dog friendly part inside and is popular with dog walkers. A second part of the cafe is not for dogs.

Fraisthorpe beach

Fraisthorpe beach still has some protection from Flamborough head and Smithic sands but there is more surf here than in Bridlington. The sand is good quality but matbe a bit coarser than at Brdilington. It is generally safe for bathing as long as you keep away from the concrete blocks as there can be bits of iron sticking out in places. I would say definitely stay the Bridlington side of the stream if you are bathing.

In the past when it really was deserted Fraisthorpe was a popular place for nudists. Apparently they favoured the small stream about 1 mile south of the car park called Earls Dyke.

Second world war defences

It also has a lot of second world war concrete defenses. It was thought that Bridlington Bay was a possible place for invasion due to its sheltered bay and low cliffs. A lot of defensive pill boxes and antitank blocks were built around Fraisthorpe as the cliffs are so low so invading tanks could more easily be got off the beach. There is one of these blockhouses in the cafe gardens. All the blocks were left in position at the base of the cliffs after the second world war in the hope they would slow down erosion. I am not sure it has helped much. The further South you go the further they now are from the base of the cliff due to the rapid erosion. As you go South  you lose the protection offered by Flamborough head and Smithic sands.

Wind surfing

The beach is popular with wind surfers and kite surfers and other wind powered sports.  The prevailing strong winds in the uk are south westerly and they blow straight across the beach and out to sea. The low cliffs allow the strong winds to create perfect conditions for these sports.

Fraisthorpe wash ups

It also occasionally has wash ups. Piles of weed containing all sorts washed up on the beach. It can go a few years without one but when there is a good one people descend from all over particularly looking for bait, especially worms and razor fish washed from their burrows by South Easterly gales. You can also find fossils washed out of the boulder clay and even the odd piece of jet sometimes.