Small resorts, beaches and coves

Starting from the North

There are many smaller places where you can access interesting parts of the coast.


Runswick bay

Robin Hoods bay

Cayton bay

Flamborough (including Thornwick, North landing, Selwicks(Silex) , South landing and Danes Dyke)



Other less well known places

There are other places where you can get down to the sea as well. Some of them have car parking problems or long walks to get down to the shore. These can involve difficult walking or scrambling. Some even require a rope and are only used by anglers with a head for heights. Can you see the ropes and ladders on this way down. Not for me.

yorkshire coast getting down the cliffs

The most extreme is Bempton cliffs which are 300 feet high. They are vertical or over hanging in most places. The chalk is not stable and lumps often fall off. Despite this  a few anglers take their life in their hands and go down one well hidden route on ropes. I have never gone down and I would not recommend you try here or anywhere else.  The council often put dangerous cliff notices near car parks but they cannot put them everywhere. All cliffs are dangerous.

The cliffs to the south of Bridlington are of boulder clay and generally not very high. There are some ways down where steps are dug by locals wanting access and most camp sites have made good access. They can get washed away so they do change as to where exactly they are and after rain can get extremely muddy and people have been known to get stuck. It is still possible to have a nasty fall. The top few feet are often vertical and crumble away regularly. Take care and be sensible.